How Justin Bieber Saved This Kid — New York Magazine

vidy paling keren

He didnt cry, he wasnt feverish, and hed proceed with his day as if it had never happened. His room stank of vomit for months. Although his need for fuel was becoming constant, my wife and I could never get him to eat enoughsometimes, he swatted us away, refusing every bite. We felt incompetent.

A writer’s life for me : Mental Health & Artists (1)

After reading an article recently, I discovered that rates of mental health issues, namely things such as depression, are typically higher in the artistic community. Why? Answers on a post card, please. I dont know why. I dont know if the bits of our brains that make us creative also somehow make us nutty on the odd occasion; or whether what were doing with our lives, namely creating art, somehow drives us crazy. I dont know if its part and parcel of doing what we do that eventually chips away at the logical bits of our brains until we think in colours and speak in smells, and somehow get away with calling it art. I dont even know if art does make us crazy (completely flippant use of that word by the way, Im not at all insinuating that anyone suffering from depression, or any type of mental health problem, should be branded as a nut-bag and thrown in a padded cell – Im merely being colloquial), or if maybe crazy people just happen to make art. But then what about people suffering from mental health problems who dont make art? Or people who are artistic, but dont make a career out of it, and therefore dont suffer from mental health problems?

5 Disgusting Things You Didn’t Know Was In Your Food | News, Facts & Other Information You Love –

Well if you like vanilla, strawberry, or raspberry chances are there might be some natural flavoring in the ingredients list. While most of us never questioned what natural flavoring is, my bet is that after reading this you may question it more often. Castoreum is an anal and urine secretion that comes from the castor sacs of male and female beavers. This is the additive that is FDA approved and can be found on labels called natural flavoring. After learning about this natural flavoring the ingredients list, especially for ice cream, has become a priority to read while grocery shopping. Next >>>


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